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Fashioned Days

Fashioned Days

By Pastor Dennis Morales

"All the days ordained for me were written in your book…" Psalm 139:16   

David writes that God looks at our life as looking through a book.  He sees the beginning and end.  He knows the exact days and hours to the second we will occupy our address on earth.  The world recently lost three icons of the entertainment industry.  80s pop icon George Michael, and two very shocking circumstantial passing’s of Carrie Fischer and mom Debbie Reynolds within a day of each other.  This sent shockwaves through Social Media and Hollywood as we know it.   With the sobering sense of shock and loss, death can strike fear in the hearts of so many.  This fear can lead one to go well beyond good measure to try to “extend” life.  Though becoming vegetarian may be beneficial, we can do nothing to extend “the life of days” God has fashioned for us.  I take comfort in knowing that God knows the “order of my days.” I cannot die sooner nor live later than what God has recorded in His book as He guides us through life.   Better yet, God has given us opportunity to trust in Him and live in a way that death’s grip no longer has control over us through Christ’s work on the cross (Hebrews2:14/1Corinthians15:54).  Scripture says “teach [us] to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12)   Our tendency is to number years, but God says number “days.”  Though life is brief, Scripture says wisdom is living for God daily.  We may not know what the future holds, but we can never be wrong in trusting an unknown future to a known God (-Corrie Ten Boom). 

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